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Hilton Head Health's Weight Loss Programs are Unmatched

Forty years ago Hilton Head Health (H3) began as one of the only healthy weight loss resorts on the east coast and has been leading the way ever since. Since then, H3 has operated under the holistic philosophy that true health comes from a balance between physical activity, quality nutrition, and channeling the mind-body connection.

Discover Yourself This Summer

We’re not here to teach you how to ‘diet’ or to ‘beat you up’ with exercise. We’re here to show you how good it feels to make healthy choices for your body. We want you to experience how good it feels not to worry about what the scale says, or about what others think about your appearance. Because you feel good about you.

Learn strategies on how to free yourself from bingeing, emotional overeating, and yo-yo dieting. You will discover how fueling your body with the proper nutrition, and participating in regular exercise you enjoy can change your outlook on eating, exercise, and body image for the rest of your life.

Join us and other young adults like you between May 27th and August 4th to enjoy these special sessions added to the wellness or weight loss program of your choice just for you:

- Support group (once/week)
- Smart Cart Grocery tour
- Weekly Recreational Activity (kayaking, paddle boarding, biking)

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The Essentials That Make H3 Stand Out

True Restaurant and Bar

True Restaurant & Bar


True To Nature. True To You.

H3's True Restaurant provides Mediterranean-inspired menus that are the foundation of all our healthy lifestyle programs. Whether you are looking to lose weight, control your blood sugar or just enjoy really good food, True Restaurant will exceed your expectations.




Safe. Effective. Realistic.

Every program at Hilton Head Health incorporates fitness and movement in a way that is energizing and safe, yet challenging. All fitness programs are tailored to meet each individual guest’s needs.

The Indigo Spa

The Indigo Spa


America's Favorite NEW Spa

The Indigo Spa's unique service menu is inspired by H3's renowned healthy lifestyle programs and reflects the body+mind connection. An amenity to your stay or the reason for your visit, The Indigo delivers a luxurious spa experience.

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